Reduce the carbon emissions by 83%*

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Instant-opening system

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Protect your content and our planet

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Reusable and Collapsible

In the world of small parcel logistics, trans​port pollution and waste are significant contributors to the carbon footprint. 

To mitigate the climate impact of secondary packaging used for transporting goods, our solution (patent pending) consists in a low-tech, reusable, and collapsible box that can be folded to the size of a letter for convenient return and subsequent reuse.

Simple to use

Instant and intuitive opening system allowing fast order preparation and easy return.

High protection

Our sturdy box protects your content.

Easy storage

When collapsed, the box occupies a minimum volume, optimizing handling and storage space.


Our box offers a gamified folding and returning process that excites your staff and customers.

Whether you are a retailer or a company with internal logistics, KWiiD is the ingenious packaging solution that will make you save time and money while reducing the carbon footprint of your parcels by 83%*.

Do not recycle, reuse!

Recycling saves materials but requires energy and takes time. Reusing instead requires no transformation and is immediately available.
Our products are sturdy and can be used multiple times. At each use, you lower your carbon emissions by 83%*. 

Switch paradigm today and replace your guilty consumption feeling with a sense of being part of the solution. 

Change the world, replace your single use packaging with ingenious reusable KWiiD boxes.

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* Assuming a box of 180g (size of a shoe box), 940g CO2/kg for manufacture and recycling [Brogaard et al. (2014)] and 29g CO2 for return as a letter []